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Comments for Free Text Search Component | 22 | Flabell
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Text Search Component

Text Search Component screenshot

Preview:   Downloads: 9853

Last update (4):Thu, Nov 26th 2009, 00:00


Search comments:
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on 26/3/11

Hi Flabella team! Thank you for the free search component. As I understand it is possible to customize it with your help. I would be happy to pay for it. I need really FULL text search that exist in the XML file, not only in the visible part. And it need to be done in 3 languages (English, Irish, Scottish Gaelic). So all special symbols should be correctly displayed. And I need button to show the rest of the text at the same place (not a link to the other page, but something like javascript hidden div - sliding up and down). Please keep in touch.

on 28/3/11

Hi Natalia,

We'd be glad to help you with this project. Please contact us, with some more details about this, at [email protected] We'll reply ASAP.
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on 24/6/11


Is there a way to add a SEARCH button so that it will only start searching when you press it.

I have a lot of file and if you enter just a letter it freezes.

Also I wanna use Korean text. It doesnt read korean. Can you also fix this?


on 27/6/11


Please send our guys an email at [email protected]

Yes, we can make it display Korean text also. We just need to embed a font that displays Korean characters.

You could do it too, if you follow this tutorial:

Just embed the font and use it for the text fields you need.



on 29/6/11

Hello guys,

We made a small update and set a new property to the component that will allow you to search only when clicking on the button. You'll find it in the settings.xml file and it's called searchOnlyOnButtonClick:
<search searchOnlyOnButtonClick = "false"

If you don't want to search instantly, just set this property to true:
<search searchOnlyOnButtonClick = "true"


You'll be able to search only when clicking on the button or when pressing the Enter/Return key.

If you want this feature, please download files one more time.
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on 12/7/11

I want it to open in Flash player, Not in any Browser, Anyone Can u please help me...

on 14/7/11

Do you mean that the component is not working in your Flash project? Please try to follow this tutorial:

It should help you with this.
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on 21/8/11

Hi Marius,
I appreciate your hard works,
But I can still not use your component in my flash project.
When I call your published component as .swf in my as3.swf project,it is loaded but nothing is shown altough I did path every document true.When I use an other .swf(flashshop.swf),every thing is okay.I know it is a stage problem.In flash shop .as there are some codes like the below;
addEventListener(Event.ADDED_TO_STAGE, init);
}// end function

I do not know how ı can embed this code into your component's
Your help will be really appreciated.

Many thanks,

on 1/9/11


I saw in your comment below that you solved the problem. This tutorial could've helped you:

Hope that you'll enjoy the component.

has downloaded iconfiesta00

on 6/10/11

hi northener,
I have your same problem, can you tell me how can I solve?...please


on 7/10/11


Do you mean that you tried to load the component as an external SWF? You actually, don't need to do that, you can embed the component, like the tutorial at the link above explains.
Good component, but have a problem with it.
Is it possible to make it work with cyrillic fonts
(In LIST, TITLE... everywhere)?

I use your preview.swf
I had modified a projectCS3.fla and replace a LisboaSansOSF.otf to Tahoma in Lisboa font in a Library.
But when I try to use it (using it with russian words in content.xml and settings.xml), it gives me a unreadable signs. When XML's saved in UTF-8 (by default it was in ANSI) the words is dissapear... =(

Any way to make it works with russian fonts?


Kind regards.

on 1/9/11

Sure, there must be some other fonts that work with cyrilic characters. Try some other fonts. If you can't get it to work and you want our help please contact us for custom work at [email protected]
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on 24/8/11

I have figure out the stage problem. Now I can use your components as swf in my flash project.But the problem is when ı use in firefox and opera it erors as;
TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.

at com.vuzum.utils.scroller::ScrollBar/onMouseWheel()

Anything you can do will be appreciated.
Many thanks

on 1/9/11

If you have these two lines in your code, delete them please:
<script type="text/javascript" src="js/swfmacmousewheel.js"></script>
if(swfmacmousewheel) swfmacmousewheel.registerObject(;


It should solve the problem. If it gives you any more trouble, please buy a support ticket and share a link to your component.
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on 11/9/11

Many thanks for your help. It solved the problem.



on 12/9/11

Glad to hear this, Northener. Enjoy the component.
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on 5/10/11

Hi Flabell team! Thank you for all! But I have a problem with this component!
The scrollbar doesn't do its job! In fact the flash-component goes down and up with the passage of the mouse without the click on the scrollbar.

I am not able to correct this bug! Can you help me, please?!?

has downloaded iconAndrea1991

on 5/10/11

NEWS: Sometime do its work, sometimes don't do it...

has downloaded iconAndrea1991

on 5/10/11

Ok, I solved my problem; can you teach me how cancel the image from the search component?
When I cancel "image="content/images/1.jpg", the component doesn't work.
Have I to modify the swf, eliminating the image from it??

on 6/10/11

Hello Andrea,

We just made an update to the component. The structure of the content.xml file has been changed. It's more organized now and it's more functional. You can also get rid of the image for an item, just by setting it to an empty tag:
<image link="" target = ""></image>


Please take the first item in the list, as an example.

So to update your component, you'll need to download the package one more time. Use the new content.xml file and put your content in there. Also, you'll need to replace the old preview.swf file with the new one.

We hope you'll enjoy the component!

has downloaded iconAndrea1991

on 6/10/11

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Corneliu sei un mito!

on 7/10/11

You're welcome. Glad that you're happy. Enjoy!
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on 2/2/12

I need some help. I want to use this script with the normal EMBED command remotely on one of my sites. I have a site that won't allow me to use JAVASCRIPT. So I can't use the normal swfobject.js method detailed in all the documentation. I need to know if it is possible and what the coding would be.

on 3/2/12


You can use the object HTML tag:

However, there are problems in Internet Explorer interpreting this tag. That's the problem that swfobject.js solved.

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