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resizable components for adobe flash | Flabell
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Components For Adobe Flash: resizable

Pie Chart for Adobe Flash

This simple component will display a pie chart that you can use to show your users various statistics. Numbers never lie and showing them in a nice component will definitely help.
chart; resizable; customizable; graph; utilities; xml; statistics;

Media Player with thumbs

This component allows you to open multiple videos/audios and images in a single compact component. It can play only one video if you define the specific flashvar for this or multiple videos organized in a playlist over the controller. Yo
audio; image; mp3; video; photo; playlist; player; resizable; sound; youtube; rtmp; stream; streaming;

Basic Mp3 Player for Adobe Flash

Sometimes you don't need a big, fancy mp3 player. This basic mp3 player will perform just the basic mp3 play/pause and seeking functions. If these are the functions you're looking for, then it's perfect for you.
mp3; audio; customizable; xml; resizable; player;

MP3 Player with Albums for Adobe Flash

This MP3 Player can organize your MP3 files and gives the option to your users to listen your music. It has a great design and all the functionality you need.
audio; albums; customizable; mp3; player; playlist; resizable; xml;

News Banner for Adobe Flash

This component allows you to display news in different categories. You can browse them by selecting their appropriate tabs, and on roll over the information is displayed on the left.
banner; news; customizable; picture; resizable;

XML Animated Bar Chart

This chart is useful for displaying data as vertical bars. Controlling the bar width and component size allows for a larger data input.
commercial; xml; customizable; resizable; chart; graph;

XML HTML Text Scroller

This flash text scroller comes with a lot of features which can easily be changed using the XML file. It supports special characters, and the fonts are loaded externally.
commercial; xml; customizable; resizable;

AS3 Radio Buttons Group

This is a minimalist radio buttons group - highly customizable - easy to integrate in any AS3 Flash project.
commercial; xml; customizable; resizable;

Basic XML Image Gallery

This is a highly customizable thumbnail gallery, with a minimalist UI, useful for displaying many images of different sizes in a fresh way.
commercial; xml; customizable; resizable;

Hit Area Map for Adobe Flash

This component helps you set hot spot areas on top of your content, directly in the XML. The more dots you set, the more precise the area gets.
commercial; xml; customizable; resizable; tooltip;

Age Validation

This component helps you get confirmation from your users that they are of legal drinking/driving age.
commercial; xml; customizable; resizable;

AS3 Dropdown Combobox

Save time by using this highly customizable drop down box in your AS3 Flash projects. You can customize the elements, the size and all colors from XML.
commercial; xml; customizable; resizable;

Horizontal Accordions Bundle

This bundle contains three of our Horizontal Accordions, and comes with an important 40% discount!
commercial; xml; customizable; resizable; accordion;

Basic XML Banner Rotator

Display your images in a gorgeous and simple XML Banner Rotator, with a minimalist design and a simple slide effect between images.
commercial; xml; customizable; resizable;

XML Banner Rotator with Thumbs

This XML Banner Rotator has both thumbs and navigation which allows for a smooth interface control, as well as many additional features.
commercial; xml; customizable; resizable; rotate;

XML Tooltip for Adobe Flash

With this component you can set tooltips on top of your content, directly in the XML file.
commercial; xml; customizable; resizable; zoom; map;

Scrolling Video Gallery for Adobe Flash

This is a highly customizable Flash Video Gallery, with support for images as well. The XML file contains settings such as speed, colors, size, and many other.
commercial; xml; customizable; resizable;

Toggle Play Mp3 Button

Features wise, this Flash Mp3 Player is as simple as possible - play/pause only. The XML allows customizations for everything.
free; xml; customizable; resizable; audio;

Daylight Saving Time Clock

This clock displays the hour of different XML based timezones/locations, while making sure the daylight saving time is taken into consideration as well.
commercial; xml; customizable; resizable;

Slideshow with Caption

This is a simple fade in fade out slideshow with caption which can be set in any position (bottom, top, left or right), size and color.
commercial; xml; customizable; resizable;

Scrolling News Ticker

The ticker floats a number of text items that have been defined in the XML file. It's useful to add the headlines from your favorite sites to your own website.
free; xml; customizable; resizable; rss;

Filter Portfolio Gallery

This is a gallery with one or two levels of filters, depending on how you want to set it up in the XML. Multiple filters per type are also implemented, so we encourage you to try the free preview first.
commercial; xml; customizable; resizable;

Ken Burns Effect Slideshow

This is a highly customizable Ken Burns Effect Slideshow. You can edit the starting and ending values of the scale and positions (9 in total), as well as the slide, alpha and transition speeds.
commercial; xml; customizable; resizable;

Minimalist AS3 Video Player

This Flash Video Player can play H264 video files (.mov, .flv, .mp4) as well as RTMP streams. The navigation hides so the viewer can enjoy the video with no hassle. It comes with a lot of features editable from XML.
commercial; xml; customizable; resizable; player; video; draggable; simple;

Multi Page Thumbnail Gallery

This is a highly customizable XML based gallery, with a large number of excellent features. Make sure you check the demo above, where we posted several samples.
resizable; commercial; customizable; gallery; photo; xml; viewer; image; rotator; utilities;

Image Gallery With Tab Navigation

This is a highly customizable slideshow, with tabbed navigation. The colors, menu names and settings are controlled through a general XML file.
resizable; commercial; banner; customizable; gallery; image; xml; slideshow; slideshow; picture; photo; rotator;

Simple Video Player for Adobe Flash

This is a simple video player built in AS3, that supports advertising, rtmp, h264 files including HD files, and it's completely customizable through a simple XML file.
customizable; draggable; player; resizable; simple; xml; video; playlist; commercial;

Horizontal Image Banner Rotator with Thumbs

This XML banner rotator is easily resizable and customizable from XML. You can control the width of the thumbs, as well as the display area size for the large image. Please check the demos.
banner; xml; picture; customizable; gallery; image; slideshow; rotator; resizable; photo; commercial;

Fade In Fade Out Slideshow With Navigation

This is a minimalist slideshow gallery with navigation control for prev, next and play/pause. It also contains customizable XML settings such as random, loop, autostart and display options.
banner; customizable; gallery; image; picture; photo; resizable; xml; slideshow; rotator; commercial;

Image Banner Rotator with Thumbs

This XML banner rotator is easily resizable and customizable from XML. You can control the height of the thumbs, as well as the display area size for the large image.
xml; slideshow; rotator; banner; gallery; header; image; picture; photo; resizable; commercial; vertical;

Coverflow Scrollbar Component

This is a gorgeous flash + xml based coverflow image sliding gallery, with smooth scrollbar navigation and customizable buttons. This coverflow component is built with PaperVision 3D and supports any number of images.
magnify; pv3d; papervision; xml; resizable; gallery; photo; scroll; viewer; slideshow; picture; image; commercial;

Custom Star Rating Component

This is a minimalist rating system, with highly customizable properties. You can use the XML file to change the colors, the text, the size of the elements, as well as the number of stars and their value.
xml; customizable; resizable; commercial; rate;

Newsletter Signup Component

Simple subscription form, easy customizable through XML. The PHP file saves the email inside a txt if it is valid and it hasn't been subscribed before.
xml; customizable; resizable; commercial;

Continuous Image Slider

Using this image slider you can display a continuous loop of images, with direct links to other sections in your website. The images can be randomized so that every time the slider loads, it displays a different set of images.
banner; customizable; gallery; header; image; photo; picture; resizable; xml; commercial; horizontal;

Fade In Fade Out Slideshow

Fade in and fade out between any number of images, with this simple to use slideshow. You can control the loop function, use random playback of the images, transition time between slides as well as the display time of an image. All from the
xml; resizable; gallery; image; simple; free;

Animated Statistics Chart

Simple, easy to use statistics chart, controlled by XML input. Everything is customizable, from speed of point movement to colors of strokes inside the points!
customizable; xml; resizable; utility; statistics; commercial;

CheckBox Component

This checkbox is easy to integrate in any AS3 Flash project. It can be used by drag and drop, and the design can be changed by altering it's movieclips directly in Flash.
customizable; resizable; free; check; box;

Content Scroller

Easy drag and drop scrollbar component built with support for vertical and horizontal scrolling. It works by passing the content, a mask, the offset and the direction.
resizable; utilities; scroll; free;

Accordion Banner Rotator

One word description for this highly customizable accordion? Colorful! Your users can interact with each slide (be it swf, or image) on click of a button.
xml; rotator; customizable; resizable; gallery; photo; image; header; commercial;

Accordion Menu with Images from XML

This is a highly customizable accordion menu, with support for unlimited images and colors.
banner; gallery; xml; resizable; slideshow; commercial;

Horizontal Scroller Slideshow

This is a horizontal controller for displaying multiple images with ease. The scroll bar adjusts it's size based on the number of images.
xml; utilities; simple; draggable; customizable; resizable; commercial; scroll;

Events Tour Calendar

If you are an entertainer or a person that has a schedule to share, this events tour calendar is perfect for your website's homepage.
xml; customizable; utility; utilities; resizable; commercial;

Zoom Gallery

If you ever wanted to display high quality images without taking the entire area of your website, this flash component helps you do just that.
zoom; resizable; xml; gallery; banner; magnify; customizable; image; photo; picture; rotator; utilities; utility; commercial;

Mirrored Image Slideshow

This is a creative slider with mirrored background. The design is minimalist so the entire focus is on the displayed image.
utility; xml; customizable; resizable; banner; photo; magnify; zoom; viewer; rotator; header; picture; commercial;

XML Banner Rotator

This is a highly customizable XML Banner Rotator with more than 35 XML options, including the masking size and speed. It's an amazing file, give it a try!
rotator; banner; xml; slideshow; resizable; free;

Simple XML Quiz

This quiz allows for an unlimited number of questions and answers to be passed through a XML file. Each correct answer receives a point and the final result is saved through PHP in a text file.
questions; quiz; xml; utilities; resizable; free;

Magnifying Glass Effect

Use your images in high resolution with no constraints. Your users will be able to magnify over the areas they are most interested in. You can define the image path, the display area size as well as the lens size in XML or HTML.
zoom; xml; utilities; utility; resizable; free; magnify; customizable; viewer; loupe;

Zoom Pan Map Viewer

This flash component can be used for viewing high quality large images inside a small area. In order to see the entire image you can zoom in and out, drag the image or the preview stroke around or move the image by using the arrows.
image; draggable; resizable; xml; utilities; utility; zoom; viewer; magnify; customizable; commercial;

Dynamic Video Gallery

This flash video gallery has an integrated thumbnail playlist and comes with a lot of features which can easily be changed using the XML file. It has support for RTMP, HD videos, sharing and fullscreen display.
xml; player; playlist; thumbnail; customizable; resizable; commercial; video;

Compact Mp3 Player

Flash mp3 player that automatically generates the XML playlist from your songs folder and it displays the song's artist and name from the ID3 tags.
simple; audio; playlist; xml; resizable; customizable; sound; commercial; visualizer;

360 View Image Rotator

360 degree rotation viewer, with support for play/pause, dragging & scrubbing. Easily updateable by replacing an external swf file. It can be used for 3D objects (like the macbook), panoramas, products details, and much more. Get creative!
draggable; viewer; degrees; rotate; resizable; utilities; utility; free;

XML Image Slideshow

Fashionable flash+XML image slide show with slick navigation and design, fully customizable from XML, with a motion blur effect on image transition. The navigation bar changes its color based on the displayed photo colors.
viewer; gallery; photo; picture; banner; header; motion; blur; transition; simple; xml; rotator; resizable; free;

XML Voting Poll

Attractive Flash Poll, easy to use and customize from XML. Supports unlimited answers (when needed, a scroll bar appears). PHP files included in the zip.
thumbnail; votes; question; statistics; xml; resizable; utility; utilities; questions; free;

Text Search Component

Powerful search component that can be used as a standalone swf file or included in another flash component. Features include searching the playlist, editing the content from XML and fully skinnable interface.
xml; thumbnail; search; resizable; utilities; utility; free;

Simple Mp3 Player

Minimalistic flash mp3 player with a twist, perfect for your website. It includes a special sound visualizer that changes when you drag the volume bar.

Note: This product is in beta, please send us your feedback.
audio; xml; mp3; player; simple; resizable; free; customizable; sound; visualizer;

XML Image Gallery for Adobe Flash

This is an interactive XML Image Gallery, containing a list of images defined in a XML file, an intuitive navigation and many customizable features.
viewer; slideshow; photo; xml; gallery; resizable; free;

Mp3 Player for Adobe Flash

This is a fully customizable MP3 Player, built with support for multiple artists and playlists. Everything is customizable in the XML files, including the artists, the playlists, the colors, the sizes, the effects, and much more.
playlist; mp3; player; audio; albums; xml; resizable; free; sound;