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06 Nov 2009

File Update: Photography Portfolio Template [update 01]

We updated the Photography Portfolio Template and added the requested items:

1. Ability to add AS3 based SWF files as modules.
2. Ability to add LINKS in the menu.
3. Ability to add TEXT sections, with a scrollbar included.

Thanks for the patience! :)

Here is a nice example of how our template has been used:

1. Marc Laurenthttp://www.marclaurent.fr


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05 Nov 2009

[New Feature] New Icons

We added some sweet icons for the links in the footer. Here you can see the image:

Screen shot 2009-11-05 at 4.02.36 PM

First icon – link to our twitter account. You can follow us to read some interesting things about our company and us.

Second icon – RSS Feed to the product list

Third icon – Yes.. we accept donations. A coffee on the table will always make us more productive, hehe! :)

The fourth icon – represents the users. At the moment we have almost 23.000 users, but we believe this number will grow once we start an advertising campaign.

That’s it. Enjoy! :)

05 Nov 2009

The Free Gold Ticket Campaign has finished

We reached our 100th buyer of the first Flabell’s commercial product, the Compact Flash Mp3 Player.


Each user that purchased the product received a Gold Ticket, which he can use to download for free any other commercial product from our library.

Many thanks go to all that trusted us as a company to deliver high quality Flash Components, and decided to make their first purchase on our website! Thank you!!

04 Nov 2009

[New Feature] View Examples

We added a way for you to see how a Flabell product looks like with different XML files. Click on the View examples link, in the description tab of each product that has it.

view examples

This way you’ll be able to see how customizable our files really are, and decide if you want to purchase a product or not. We’ll only provide a few samples, but the customizations are endless.

The first product which we used to roll out this feature, is the Animated Statistics Chart. As you click the View examples link, you’ll see two customizations of the same swf file:


We hope you enjoy this feature, and that we’re helping you decide if it’s worth to invest your hard earned money into our products.

In the future, we’re adding an additional feature, and this is the ability to download a product and check it out BEFORE you decide if to purchase it or not. We’re still working on that! :)

04 Nov 2009

File Update: Animated Statistics Chart [update 01]

We updated the chart, please download it again. We fixed several positioning bugs, plus added transparency and additional XML settings.

Check this demo. This is a new Flabell feature and we’ll post a different post about it. On this page you can view the same swf file, with two different XML settings. It’s one and the same swf file, yes! :)

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