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10 Mar 2011

Flabell’s Got a New Awesome Basic Mp3 Player

Sometimes you don’t need a big, fancy mp3 player. This basic mp3 player will perform just the basic mp3 play/pause and seeking functions. If these are the functions you’re looking for, then it’s perfect for you.

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08 Mar 2011

You’ll get 50% off any Flabell component if…

You’re just willing to give us a vote on the FWA website. It’s just that simple. You vote for the application we recently worked on, send us your username on FWA (you can get it for free, if you don’t have one) and you’ll receive a Silver Ticket. A Silver Ticket will let you buy any product on Flabell with 50% off its price.

This is a limited time offer. Hurry up and vote for our Miccam project here:


This offer stands just for the next 2 days and 6 hours so you’ll have to do this fast! Vote on the link above now! You’ll just have to click the button that says: “Yes, shortlist!”.

After you submitted your vote, just send us your FWA username at [email protected] and you’ll receive the promised prize. You’ll have to tell us about your vote immediately so nobody can steal your vote. Please use the email address your registered on Flabell with so we can check that you are a Flabell user. This will make things faster for you and for us. You’ll receive the silver ticket as soon as we checked your vote.

Thank you for your support.

Miccam on FWA

01 Mar 2011

50% Off Flabell’s Premium Membership!

We celebrate 2 years of Flabell and we want to thank you for staying with us all this time. As a reward we’re making you an offer that’s hard to resist. This is almost a giveaway. You can have our One Year Premium Membership for just 47$. This is 50% off its normal price!

It’s a limited time offer so click here now to take advantage of our greatest offer yet.

What will you receive for becoming a premium member? You’ll be able to download for FREE every component on our website. In two years of Flabell, we built 74 components for almost anything you need. Like anything we launched, you can easily customize them to fit any website.

What else will you get? Well, every component released in the next year of your membership. Also, you will receive great, FREE support from our team anytime you need it.

Become a premium member now!

50% Off

You’ll get 50% off the regular Premium Membership price!

Celebrate 2 years of Flabell with us! You will rarely receive this kind of offer so don’t hesitate to click here and become a premium member for a full year.

16 Feb 2011

How to embed a Flabell component in your HTML webpage

I’ll try to explain this process step by step so you’ll notice how easy it is. It applies to every Flabell component except the website templates, which, of course, are built to fill the whole browser display area.

The folder you’re interested in, mostly, is our deploy folder, because that’s where you’ll find the SWF file and everything it needs to work.

Step 1

Copy or upload the deploy folder in the same folder your HTML webpage is.

Step 2

Open the index.html file you’ll find in the deploy folder. Every Flabell component has one. Just open it with your favorite HTML editor. If you don’t have one, use a text editor like Notepad.

Step 3

Copy everything between the <body> HTML tags. See the body tag highlighted in the following image.

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17 Jan 2011

Our Newest, Video Player with Playlists

We worked on a very nice video player for all of you who use videos on their websites. This component will help you organize them and create a better user experience.

Go and see what it can do. Right now it’s just $17 (40% percent off). So hurry up! Click here!

Click here!

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