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29 Apr 2011

The Flash Pie Chart is a Great Tool

If you wish to display some statistics or numbers on a website, we launched a new useful tool. The Flash Pie Chart will read the data from an XML file and draw a nice diagram for your users to visualize it.

The looks of it is very customizable. You can position the elements anywhere you want, give them any size you want and this is as much as somebody would need from a nice simple chart, like this one.

You should go get it fast, since it will be featured only 5 more days. Click here to take a look at it.

Flash Pie Chart

07 Apr 2011

We launched a great new Media Player

This is new for us. We launched a media player that will work with your video files, your mp3 files, your photos and your SWF files. All in one player.

It has a nice button that will open a playlist with thumbnails and you’ll be able to select an item to load. Also you’ll be able to put your logo on top of the content that it displays.

There’s only 8 days left until the we’ll release another component, so hurry and take advantage of the half price offer. Click here and go to the component’s page.

Media Player with Thumbs

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