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16 Feb 2011

How to embed a Flabell component in your HTML webpage

I’ll try to explain this process step by step so you’ll notice how easy it is. It applies to every Flabell component except the website templates, which, of course, are built to fill the whole browser display area.

The folder you’re interested in, mostly, is our deploy folder, because that’s where you’ll find the SWF file and everything it needs to work.

Step 1

Copy or upload the deploy folder in the same folder your HTML webpage is.

Step 2

Open the index.html file you’ll find in the deploy folder. Every Flabell component has one. Just open it with your favorite HTML editor. If you don’t have one, use a text editor like Notepad.

Step 3

Copy everything between the <body> HTML tags. See the body tag highlighted in the following image.

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