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23 Nov 2010

Another very nice Floating Objects customization

Our Floating Objects Background Animation was used by one of our users on Paul Dano’s site. He did such a good job customizing this component, it’s worth taking a look at it.

18 Nov 2010

New Flash Component: Flash Mp3 Player with Speed Pitching

This is a difficult one, but we’ve nailed it. Special feature: speed pitching!

There’s so many useful things that can be done using a speed pitching, such as understanding what Busta says in his songs, or making Rihanna sound like a man. :-)

Sure, there’s educational potential as well, but we wanted to mention only these two amusing features! :-)

Here’s the file: Flash Mp3 Player with Speed Pitching

18 Nov 2010

We’ve sliced our prices!

Our community grew a lot over the past year, so we want to give something back. We’re really excited and we hope more of you will get to enjoy our work!

10 Gold Tickets Bundle
$89 now $59

Premium Membership
$120 now $99

This is not because of the holidays. It’s permanent. ;-)

What you get?

Same exceptional quality for less.

What we get?

The chance to spread more of our products on the web.

16 Nov 2010

File Update: Flash Mp3 Player With Bars Visualizer

We updated the Flash Mp3 Player With Bars Visualizer.

The following features have been added:

1. You can define the song title and artist in the XML or the ID3.
2. You can set an image for each artist.
3. You can control the play / pause states from outside of Flash.

05 Nov 2010

Floating Objects: creative!

This is the best implementation of the Floating Objects Background Animation:

You can view it here.

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