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28 Jun 2010

New Flash Component: Carousel like Thumbnail Scroller

The interactive gallery which we use on Flabell, to showcase the latest products, has been one of the many requests we received from you guys. So, without further due, I present the Carousel like Thumbnail Scroller.

The size of the thumbnails and the distance between them are customizable in the XML. The navigation and the pagination colors and positions can be set in the XML file as well. Enjoy!

21 Jun 2010

Testimonial from Kickradio

I don’t even remember how I found Flabell but the first time I saw one of your Flash Components I was hooked. I had been looking for a variety of quality components that would help us showcase new music at our site at Kickradio.com. At Kickradio we produce a one-hour radio show that promotes new music by established and emerging songwriters, singers and musicians from around the world. We have listeners in 186 countries so we are experts in finding music but not designing flash.

I was dubious after trying the first component, the fadeinout component, cuz I just couldn’t get it to work – just a series of rotating dots. Not like tuning a guitar. Anyway the busy engineers at Flabell patiently worked with me on how to get it to work despite a tricky WordPress platform that can quickly turn all those neatly aligned columns of code into a godawful mess of text characters.

You folks at Flabell patiently and quickly helped me resolve my problems so that I can have the time to do what I do best: discover and showcase music.

I applaud and recommend you highly to anyone who seeks out quality yet functional and attractive looking flash components for websites of all types — even this testy WordPress type of site.

Host of The Kickradio Show

20 Jun 2010

New Flash Component: Autoplay Flash XML Images Gallery

If you enjoy our popular Flash Mp3 Player, than you will definitely like this gallery, as it’s built on top of the albums section, but as a separate component. It’s called Autoplay Flash XML Images Gallery.

This is an interactive Flash XML Image Gallery, containing a list of images defined in a XML file, an intuitive navigation and many customizable features. You can browse the gallery by clicking on the left or right hand side of the swf file.

14 Jun 2010

New Flash Component: Basic XML Image Gallery

This week we release a minimalist component: Basic XML Image Gallery.

This is a highly customizable thumbnail gallery, with a minimalist UI, useful for displaying many images of different sizes in a fresh way.

The attention to details is visible all over the place. You can use the same navigation for both types of gallery. Make sure you take a look at the XML, to see how much control you have over the gallery’s appearance.

09 Jun 2010

File Update: Flash XML Image Gallery [update 01]

We just posted a new version of our Flash XML Image Gallery.

The following items have been addressed:

- bugs fixed
- source files on the new standards
- customizable colors and dimensions
- prev / next item buttons
- info button for each item
- customizable controller position
- autohide controller
- key listener for: i, f, space, left, right, up, down

The component has been rebuild from scratch and we added so many new features.

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