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31 May 2010

File Update: Compact Flash Mp3 Player [update 05]

We just updated the Compact Flash Mp3, and added some exciting new features to it!

Compact MP3 Player

File update 05:

In this update we added several new options in the XML(settings.xml):

- marginAround, distanceBetweenX, distanceBetweenY – to control the margin of the player and the distances between the elements
- autoStartPlayer – if the player should start playing or not on init
- restartList – if the player should go first/last song at the end/begining of the list
- disabledAlpha, normalAlpha, overAlpha – to control the buttons alpha on different states
- height for the progress bar and playlist
- artist and song name
from “playlist.xml” if there are no ID3 tags on the mp3 file

We also fixed some bugs and now the player is fully resizeable, there is no limit anymore.

27 May 2010

Photography Portfolio Template Customization

We have another amazing example of the customizedĀ  Photography Portfolio Template forĀ  Gaspar Foto.

25 May 2010

Flabell New Product: AS3 Age Validation

We released a new Flash Component: AS3 Age Validation

This component helps you get confirmation from your users that they are of legal drinking/driving age. It uses shared objects to remember their selection, and if they were validated, the component automatically redirects the users to your website.

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18 May 2010

Flabell New Product: AS3 Drop Down Box

This week we release a time saver component: the AS3 Drop Down Box!

Save time by using this highly customizable drop down box in your AS3 Flash projects. You can customize the elements, the size and all colors from XML.

18 May 2010

Stay tuned for the launch of ThemesBell!

On the 1st of June 2010, two weeks from today, we’ll launch ThemesBell!

We thought we should share a preview of the first theme, which will be free!

Make sure you click on the image to see it at the original size.
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