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30 Mar 2010

File Update: Filter Portfolio Gallery [update 01]

In this update, we fixed all bugs reported by our users in the Filter Portfolio Gallery comments page, and added the possibility to set all colors in the XML.

Note you can use as many lines and columns as you wish. We set only one line and high sized images, but check the demos for additional ideas. ;-)

24 Mar 2010

File Update: Countdown timer [update 01]

We just updated the Countdown timer.

The following features were added:

  1. The timer is now fully resizeable and hence you can control:
    - the component dimensions
    - the item’s (days, hours, minutes, seconds) dimensions
    - the name’s height
  2. You can now control these colors:
    - color of the background (stroke and fill)
    - color of the item’s name
    - color of the item’s name background
    - color of the item’s number
    - color of the item’s background

Enjoy and please let us know if you find any bugs.

21 Mar 2010

New flash component: Daylight Saving Time Clock

This week’s product is our fisrt clock for different timezone on the glob: Daylight Saving Time Clock

The last Saturday of March is when the daylight saving time starts, and it ends in the last Saturday of October.
Our Flash Component DST Clock takes into account this time difference, and correctly displays the right hours on different timezones.

You can easily add any timezone you need, in the XML file. Any number of timezones can be added, as long as you increase the size of the component width.

If you have any feedback, please let us know in the comments below, or at [email protected].

15 Mar 2010

New flash component: Slideshow with caption

It’s been great to see so many people downloading the bundle, and we’ll make sure to release new bundles in time. But this week is time for a new product, and this is a Slideshow with caption. It’s highly customizable, and we hope you’ll enjoy using it! :-)

You can control the caption color, back color, size, link, and many more in the XML file.

12 Mar 2010

File Update: Dynamic Flash Video Gallery [update 01]

We just updated the Dynamic Flash Video Gallery.

We addressed the following issues:

The controller is now totally resizeable:
- control progress bar height
- depending on the controller’s height the controls autoresize
- control the distance between the buttons
- control the margins of the controller: sides and under
- set the dimensions of the thumbs
- set the dimension of the center play button

The colors are now customizable:
- stroke and fill of the control’s background
- stroke and fill of the control’s sign

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