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26 Jan 2010

New flash component: Slick and clean AS3 video player

This week’s Flash Component: Slick and clean AS3 video player

This flash video player can play H264 video files (.mov, .flv, .mp4) as well as RTMP streams. The navigation hides so the viewer can enjoy the video with no hassle. It comes with a lot of features which can easily be changed using the XML file (size, colors and other options).

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22 Jan 2010

duplicateMovieClip and getNextHighestDepth in AS3

For all of us that used AS2 for a long time, we want some things to remain as simple as they were in AS2. So we created our own functions which we use as Prototypes! :-)


// var mc : MovieClip = mcRating.duplicateMovieClip(new mcStar(), "mcStar" + j);
MovieClip.prototype.duplicateMovieClip = function(obj : *, pName : String = "mcItem") : Object
       this[pName] = this.addChild(obj);
       this[pName].name = pName;
       return this[pName];


Make sure that mc is inside mcImages (or whatever movieclip you are using).

// mc.getNextHighestDepth(mcImages);
MovieClip.prototype.getNextHighestDepth = function(scope : Object) : void
	scope.setChildIndex(this, (scope.numChildren - 1));

Hope this help! :-)

21 Jan 2010

File Update: Fade In Fade Out Slideshow With Navigation [update 01]

We just released an important update to our Fade In Fade Out Slideshow With Navigation.

We added additional functionality to the file, and now you can change the position and size of all elements, the colors and the alpha state as well.

21 Jan 2010

Step 1: Easy Debugging

Our Flabell Support team gets a lot of emails asking the same question “why doesn’t the content load?”. We decided to share a little knowledge with you, which will help you understand and fix the problem on your end.


First, please make sure you read the article posted here, if you need to move the content files in different folders than the default structure we provide. The pathToFiles variable is very important, and you must follow the steps described in the article precisely.


In order to use our easy debugging solution, you must download Apple’s free browser, Safari.

Safari has a feature called “Activity”, which opens a window and shows you the entire activity of your browser. it’s under Window>Activity.

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20 Jan 2010

File Update: Horizontal image slide on mouse move [update 02]

We just released an important update to our Horizontal image slide on mouse move.

We added the  following new features:

1. Hide/position arrows.
2. Text positioning.
3. New source files structure has been applied.
4. Demo was added (you can download it for free on the product page).

If you find any bugs, please let us know. Cheers guys!

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