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30 Oct 2009

Winter! Winter! We! Winners!

Our creative genius strikes again! :)

Flabell is getting ready for winter! The snow is covering your user names, so you might want to get some warm clothes when browsing Flabell’s library!


You’ll notice that we passed 22.000 users, and let me tell you we also passed one million page views! :)

29 Oct 2009

Adobe, please fix this!

We found a bug on Flash CS4 today. If anyone reading this works at Adobe, please report it and fix it! :)

If you search the library for an item, something that you have in the library, and then after it shows the result, you select the menu “Select Unused Items”, Flash CS4 crashes! On MAC, with Snow Leopard. We didn’t test on any other OS, but I have a feeling it does that on every OS. Can some of you guys test and post here and let us know if it does the same?

Make sure you save your work before you do! :)

26 Oct 2009

New Flash Component: CheckBox Component

New Flash Components Every Week! This week, our new component is a free CheckBox Component.


It’s very simple to use, and we have actually reused it in more of our projects before deciding to release it for free! :)

It can be used by drag and drop, and the design can be changed by altering it’s movieclips directly in the FLA.


1. Set the initial state.
2. Enabled/Disabled states.
3. Label text.
4. Label position.
5. Resizeable.
6. Customizable colors.

26 Oct 2009

[New Feature] Dropdown Menu

We made small changes all over the website, but I’ll post some of the most noticeable:

1. We added a small fullscreen icon at the top of each file, which will show you the swf directly in it’s own html page.

This is useful for two reasons:

a) you can see the html code used to embed it.

b) you can test it out in a separate page, where there’s no other content. This means you can scroll if it has a scroll or see how it looks like on a simple page.

2. We added a shortcut to all our products. You can now either go directly to one by rolling over the PRODUCTS tab, or click the products tab and search any item you are looking for.


3. Tabs on product details page don’t refresh the pages anymore.

We’re slowly improving the entire website, soon the video tutorials will be up – this is the biggest update of all!

22 Oct 2009

File Update: XML Banner Rotator [update 01]

Finally we finished the update on the XML Banner Rotator. What we included? All features requested by you in the comments + we fixed all bugs reported.

This is why we also deleted all comments, so it can have a fresh start. If you find any bugs in this update, please let us know!


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