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28 Sep 2009

New Flash Component: Accordion Menu with Images

Do you want an accordion where you can control every color, as well as the size and the number of items?

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28 Sep 2009

Using the pathToFiles variable

We’ve been asked many times how to use our files with a different folder structure that what we provide on Flabell. I thought this article will help you understand how our components work.

Let’s use this folder structure as an example:

folder structure

The folder we’re interested in is the deploy folder. Here are all the files you need to deploy to your server for the component to work. The other folders are source files used to create the product.

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26 Sep 2009

Help Tab and Video Tutorials

We’ve been releasing the latest files without adding any help information in the help tab, and we wanted to bring attention to why that happens.

1. We’re currently preparing some general video tutorials for the most asked questions, because these tutorials apply to all our products – we’re using the same conventions for each product (classes, same folder structure, same initialization method, etc). So this will help you see which are the 4 lines of code needed to integrate any of our products in your own Flash project.

2. We’ll also update all the help files, as soon as we implement this system. As you noticed, there’s a video tab under each product, and that’s what we’re going to add very soon!

3. More than this, we’re also continually improving our products, by adding features you guys request, that we feel are appropriate and we didn’t think of! (like random play for the Compact Flash Mp3 Player)

I don’t want to spoil the surprise, so I won’t provide any more details, but a huge update is on it’s way.

P.S. : we’re also going to check how we can integrate our products in Joomla, and if there’s something we can do to help everybody, we’ll post a video tutorial about this as well.

Meanwhile, I want to thank our users for the patience you guys had so far! We and you both know Flabell components are the best on the web, but we want to do even more, by giving the best support for our products as well!


23 Sep 2009

Using sortOn in AS3

We’re working on a project where we had to sort the vector in different ways, depending on the user selection.

So we find the sortOn function in AS3, which is perfect. But there’s a problem!

If you want to sort an array of objects, by one of it’s fild which is numeric, the sortOn sorts them as if the numbers are strings.

The solution is to add an additional parameter, like this:

 programArray.sortOn("popularity-score", Array.NUMERIC);

Note you can pass more parameters, for example sort them descending:

 programArray.sortOn("popularity-score", Array.DESCENDING | Array.NUMERIC);

Hope this saves you some time when you need to use it! :)

22 Sep 2009

File Update: Mirrored Image Slideshow [update 01]

We has released an update to: Mirrored Image Slideshow


The following issues have been addressed:

1. We added a new parameter in the XML time=”2″. If you set the value to 0, there won’t be any autoslide.

This update is strongly recommended. Enjoy!

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