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28 May 2009

New Update – track your products!

We know there is one thing that will happen at a higher rate than new product being released on Flabell, and that is updates to Flabell products. We have reached at our fourth update on our first product for example. :-)

With a growing library, it is hard for us to track when an update is released unless we have a system in place (which we do). But it remains difficult for you to know if you are using the latest update of a product which you downloaded or purchased. For this reason we made a small change to your Downloads tab, and it looks like in the image below:

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27 May 2009

Want to buy us a beer?

You can now donate to Flabell.


We want to thank very much to our first user (Julian Bowman) who asked if he can donate money to Flabell, and then did so. :-)

For this reason we implemented a donate button at the bottom of the website, in the footer. You can use PayPal for making the payment, and you can donate any amount you want. It is not a request, so please do not donate unless you feel like you really want to get us drunk. :-)

Many thanks!

27 May 2009

File Update: Flash Mp3 Player

File Updated: Flabell Flash Mp3 Player (update 04 – 27 May 2009)

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26 May 2009

File Update: 360 View Image Rotator

File Updated: 360 View Image Rotator


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21 May 2009

Snickers Batteries!

Flabell requires a lot of energy and creativity, which is exactly why we charge ourselves with Snickers batteries daily! :-)


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