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29 Apr 2009

Product 4: Flash Full Text Search Component

Our fourth product for FREE is now available!

Download all files including psd design!


This powerful search component can be used as a standalone swf file or included in another flash component.

Features include searching the playlist, editing the content from XML and fully skinnable interface.

Note: Please take your time to look over it and send us any feedback you have as a comment in this post or to the email address [email protected].

27 Apr 2009

ActionScript 3 Migration Cookbook

If you kept your hands off AS3 for so long, today is time to get dirty.

Adobe has put together a very well written document which will help you switch to AS3.

We at FlaBell promote the best OOP practices and strongly advise any user that has an interest in Flash to make the switch: 90% of our Flash Components will be built in AS3, so you might want to learn and use our files for inspiration, in the process.

Here’s the direct link: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/actionscript/cookbook/

26 Apr 2009

Got a minute?

If you do, please make sure you post a comment on our survey post, in which we try to determine the appropriate price for some of our future products.

I promise it doesn’t take more than a minute! Here’s a direct link: How Much Would You Pay?

21 Apr 2009

Flabell Survey: name your price

Product 1:


Product 2:


This is a survey. We want to find out what you guys think before we make a decision about our pricing strategy.

Why should you add your input?

You should add your input because in the end, each user is going to be affected by how much / low we price our products, and it’s us as a company that is going to be successful or not in managing to bringing you new free and purchasable flash components, based on this matter.

It is very important for us that you add your comment below, where you can let us know what you think it’s a fair price for these two components. In the following days, we’ll upload more demo products to find out what is the real market price, considering that we deliver the best flash components on the web, so please make yourself heard.

Product 1: X$

Product 2 : Y$

18 Apr 2009

User Voice Matters!

Which is exactly why we created a UserVoice account, and you can send us any feedback, suggestions, product request, critics, bug reports and what not at the following page: http://flabell.uservoice.com/

After the weekend, a FEEDBACK button will appear on the homepage of Flabell, and we strongly encourage you to use it whenever you have something you want to tell us about our service.

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