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31 Mar 2009

File Update: Flash Mp3 Player

We updated the Flash Mp3 Player, and added the following functionality:

1. Scrollbar for songs inside a playlist.

2. Ability to start the player with a preselected playlist.

3. Fixed some reported and unreported bugs related to: shuffle, number of songs and scrollbar, number of albums and positioning.

Please sing into your account and download the updated file from the DOWNLOADS tab.

Let us know in the comments below, in the file comments or at [email protected] if you find any bugs, or if you need any new features. ;)

31 Mar 2009

Flash and Facebook = F²

Today is a good day for both Adobe and Facebook. The companies announced the launch of an AS3 Library for Facebook, which will help integrating Flash Components in Facebook App Platform easier.

We’re thrilled about the new possibilities, and so should you be as a Facebook user or a Flash Developer. If you plan on integrating any of the Flash Components we put up on Flabell, please let us know and we’ll help you out with any information you need.

You can find out more on Adobe Developer Connection here: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/facebook/

Perfect, one more step for Adobe and we’ll be extremely happy for the future of Flash: take over the iPhone! :)

27 Mar 2009

Flabell Logo and Bell mascot

Morgan just asked us in the previous post about using our logo to link back to us. I never thought of posting the logo and the mascot in high quality so that you guys can use it, but his idea is really good, so please feel free to use our logo and mascot if you want to write about us. We would really appreciate all the help to push our start-up forward.


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25 Mar 2009

Flash Mp3 Player

You can download the free Flash Mp3 Player !

We updated the product today, and now it includes all the assets used to create it ( fonts, psd files, source files ) and a very well written help file.

Below you can read the description of the product, and if there’s anything we missed let us know – we are going to update our products continuously, so we’re looking forward for your input on the comments below or at [email protected]


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24 Mar 2009

The future looks Flashy!

Check out this entertaining video from Microsoft. :)

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