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10 Mar 2011

Flabell’s Got a New Awesome Basic Mp3 Player

Sometimes you don’t need a big, fancy mp3 player. This basic mp3 player will perform just the basic mp3 play/pause and seeking functions. If these are the functions you’re looking for, then it’s perfect for you.

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17 Jan 2011

Our Newest, Video Player with Playlists

We worked on a very nice video player for all of you who use videos on their websites. This component will help you organize them and create a better user experience.

Go and see what it can do. Right now it’s just $17 (40% percent off). So hurry up! Click here!

Click here!

06 Dec 2010

Cool Flash News Banner made for you

You might have noticed that Thursday we featured another great Flash component on Flabell. It’s called Flash News Banner and it’s very useful if you own a website that brings content periodically.

If you have a blog, some other news website or section of your website, this news banner component can display the news excerpts you want to show to your users in a small animated component. Your users could scan the news captions it displays very fast and select the articles they will read. They won’t need to scroll and navigate through the whole site. You could also raise their interest with a good title and a small paragraph for the description of the article.

It can display as many news captions as you want on a page, as many categories as you want and the size and colors of the banner are also customizable.

For 10 day from now, it’s only 5$ (60% percent off). So hurry up and go buy the thing. It’s useful stuff.

Flash News Banner component

29 Oct 2009

Adobe, please fix this!

We found a bug on Flash CS4 today. If anyone reading this works at Adobe, please report it and fix it! :)

If you search the library for an item, something that you have in the library, and then after it shows the result, you select the menu “Select Unused Items”, Flash CS4 crashes! On MAC, with Snow Leopard. We didn’t test on any other OS, but I have a feeling it does that on every OS. Can some of you guys test and post here and let us know if it does the same?

Make sure you save your work before you do! :)

10 May 2009

Flash VS Silverlight

Smashing Magazine posted an interesting article about the differences between Flash and Silverlight.

Although we honestly don’t give Silverlight any chance, it’s a nice read!

Enjoy the article here.

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