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17 Jan 2011

Our Newest, Video Player with Playlists

We worked on a very nice video player for all of you who use videos on their websites. This component will help you organize them and create a better user experience.

Go and see what it can do. Right now it’s just $17 (40% percent off). So hurry up! Click here!

Click here!

23 Sep 2009

Using sortOn in AS3

We’re working on a project where we had to sort the vector in different ways, depending on the user selection.

So we find the sortOn function in AS3, which is perfect. But there’s a problem!

If you want to sort an array of objects, by one of it’s fild which is numeric, the sortOn sorts them as if the numbers are strings.

The solution is to add an additional parameter, like this:

 programArray.sortOn("popularity-score", Array.NUMERIC);

Note you can pass more parameters, for example sort them descending:

 programArray.sortOn("popularity-score", Array.DESCENDING | Array.NUMERIC);

Hope this saves you some time when you need to use it! :)

06 Aug 2009

Dynamic text & masking

If you get stuck in a bug where the dynamic text doesn’t show, even if you trace the text string and it displays it right, make sure that you don’t have a mask applied to the textfield using the layers on the timeline.

Picture 8

If you do that, you must embed the font as we showed in our previous post, otherwise the text won’t show. :)

01 Jun 2009

Release Outside in AS3 – Firefox 3 on mac trick

As you probably heard in AS3 to treat the “release_outside” event it’s a little bit tricky.
But AS3 comes with solutions for everything even for “stage_leave” event. In AS2 you couldn’t do that.
Now you can do that by treating the “Event.MOUSE_LEAVE” event.
To do that you need to use event listeners also on stage.

This is how we do it step by step:

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20 May 2009

Close to 5000 active users! Your feedback matters.

Guys, don’t hold your breath now, but we’re really close to our five thousand active user.

We are really happy we managed to grow this much in little over two months, and we’re hoping to triple the number of active users by the end of the year, by uploading the most diverse and creative Flash Components you can find anywhere on and off the web. The time when you had to pay for a ten minute flash work has gone, those flash components will always be free on Flabell, and built at a quality that really makes the difference – we’re ashamed to build loaders for example and actually sell them. We’ll never do that.

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